April 17, 2015 Michelle

#TBF…when I sang a tv show theme song

Back in 2003, my ex and I were asked to create an “island-y” version of the Eddie Money tune “Two Tickets To Paradise” for a show to be aired on FOX called “Paradise Hotel”.  He fired up the track, I jumped in and switched up the melody of the song, the producers chimed in with a few tweaks here and there on tempo and instrumentation, and soon the theme was born–and they actually used it!  I remember the first time watching the show and hearing the theme play through our old television.  It was surreal!  Good times.

If you weren’t blessed to see this wild, sexy, typical-reality-show competition when it aired, here’s what it was all about:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Hotel

And here’s the theme song for your pleasure! Happy weekend, All!