Seeking incest survivors or consensual incestuous sibling couples for upcoming NOL series

After a dear friend of mine told me about the movie “Flowers In the Attic” on a phone call, I decided to do a special series on Nothing Off Limits about incest. This is a dramatic, taboo topic that is often referred to as a “silent crime”, and it seems to be cropping up more and more in tv/film (see article below, which references Flowers In the Attic…see also “Geminis“, which I warn could be very disturbing. Incest is also freely explored in Game of Thrones, as many of you tv fans probably know).

Although incest can occur between parents/step parents and their sons/daughters and other family relatives, I am particularly interested in interviewing siblings or half brothers/sisters who currently or previously participated in a consensual incestuous relationship, yet keep/kept it a secret from their friends, partners, etc.

I’ve discovered through initial research that there are sibling couples who seek equality in marriage, who fight for the reversal of laws surrounding incest, who literally move to countries or states that will allow them to be together romantically without legal ramifications, and that some sibling couples believe there is nothing morally wrong with falling in love with their blood relative. It can continue for a lifetime, and some siblings deeply believe they are romantic soul mates.

In the series, I will explore the potential causes, signs/behaviors pointing to incest, and the long-term effects, such as a possible inability to form emotionally intimate relationships with outsiders or arrested emotional development. I’ll do this with a representative of the medical community. The second part of the series will be a real-life couple and their views on their relationship, perhaps debunking the myths of society from their perspective.

Anyone who is willing to share their personal story should reach out to me at I can change your name or keep you anonymous, if requested. I promise to protect your identity.

I’ll admit that this is a very challenging topic, given the fact that I don’t understand it…but since exploring the things we may not understand is the mission of my podcast, I feel that I’ve been called to bring awareness to it. It is my hope that I will be able to help adult survivors of incest find the resources they need and/ or provide important information to assist and create some level of understanding from other family members or partners who discover it.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your emails.

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