June 13, 2016 Michelle

Nothing Off Limits Podcast is rockin’!

Hey everyone and Happy Monday!

Currently, there is a dude outside going through my recycling bin.  He’s making a total racket, so I figured I’d write a blog post since I can’t record sh*t until he’s done with his sifting job and pushes his shopping cart (full of me and my neighbors’ empty wine bottles) away.

Ok.  So!  I’m super excited that NOL is in full force!  We launched on June 6th and we are officially on Week Two of this fun and ongoing journey of knowledge and awesomeness!  Have you heard the first set of episodes yet?  If you haven’t, I’m confident you’ll dig ’em.

This week is going to be great as well, with 2 new episodes coming out.  We’ll be talkin’ wine & yoga!  Two things that are near & dear.

Please SUBSCRIBE and rate & review the show.  I’m starting a swag promotion next week for the 10 most awesome reviews, so get in on the fun early!

Thank you and back to it!



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