May 15, 2015 Michelle

My Dining Experiences Will Never Be the Same!

After reading this article about food superstitions, I am officially (slightly) screwed when dining…and so is anyone who is along with me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because I’m tooootally into this kind of stuff.  Well, some of it at least.

Check out this interesting, and frankly, sometimes completely wacky list of food superstitions from Bon Appetit:

21 Food Superstitions You Should Really Know About

Hilarious, right?  By the way, I knew about the knife thing i.e. not to give a knife as a gift, ever, unless you make the person receiving it give you a penny as a symbol of “payment”, which apparently dispels the bad energy that the knife brings.  Phew, a solution!  I like that.  So just be careful when your friends put a knife block on their wedding registry, ok?

And as far as the crushing of eggshells in order to prevent witches from starting storms at sea…?  Uh, I think I’ll be ok on that one.  I live in the valley.

Don’t cut your bananas, people.


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