April 24, 2015 Michelle

I Dig Talismans.

I’ve always been into energy, and I believe that some people are more sensitive to it than others.  I happen to be one of these “highly sensitive persons” as they call it, so I have to be careful how close I get to certain people.  A hug from the wrong person can throw me off-kilter for days.  And too much intense energy from someone, even if welcomed, can do the same.  I once tried studying massage therapy, but I couldn’t shake off clients’ stress that I had soaked up through my hands.  So much for that.

Nowadays, I have many different ways of staying grounded, balanced and protected, and I wanted to share one that is specific to warding off the “evil eye”.  As I’m sure you know, people can be very envious or nasty and might wish bad things for you.  Sometimes people stare or glare, without realizing that they’re throwing negative feelings at you at all, when they actually are.

So, whether they mean it or not, make it an excuse to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry!!  Although you can get necklaces, bracelets & earrings, I always get tons of compliments on my evil eye ring.  Is the life-like eye a little creepy?  Hm, maybe.  But a ring a day seems to keep the a-holes away.

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