May 27, 2016 Michelle

Cool Stuff I Recommend!

Hey everybody!  I wanted to let you know about my new page, Cool Stuff I Recommend!  These are variety of products & services that I personally dig, and that I’m fortunate enough to be able to offer to you, my site visitors, at a discount!

One of my favorites is the Cize dance workout from Beachbody.  I bought it myself, and it’s a hoot!  Whether or not you consider yourself a dancer, you’ll have a blast shaking your groove thang.  You won’t even know you’re working out.

Speaking of dancing, if you are an actual dancer for reals and you want the latest casting calls (and this goes for actors and models as well…), check out the special link I’ve provided to you for a discount off Backstage.  You’re welcome!

There’s a lot more on the page to browse!  Oh, and if you decide you want to try one of the supplements I’ve recommended, or you decide to try Cize, do yourself a favor and check with your doctor first.  I’m not responsible if you throw your hip out, people. 🙂

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