Starting Projects You Never Finish? Don’t Go It Alone!

Don't Go It Alone

So you think you can just start a new venture tomorrow by yourself and become successful in no time?  Well, not so fast.

Here’s a realization I had this past week.  My story is that I have been successfully hosting podcast-type interviews from start to finish for over 2.5 years.  By “start-to-finish”, I mean contacting guests, doing pre-interviews, scheduling guests, carefully crafting interview questions, conducting an interview where I’m actually engaging with the guest casually (yet staying in the parameters of the interview questions I created), engineering the recording session itself, doing follow up with said guest to make sure they get paid and thanked for their time, editing the audio from the interview, recording the intro voiceover copy, and popping music bumpers in for a final mix…oh, and getting the final files to the powers that be.  I thought, “I’m good at this, and I can also do voiceover and music and audio editing, and I should be an entrepreneur and create my own podcast!  It’ll be fun and I’ll provide entertaining but educational content for millions!  Done!”

After 2 months, I told myself off.  I also thought twice about it all.  As you probably can imagine, there’s a LOT more to launching a podcast than the steps above.  I believe I was in a state of denial, thinking that if I just make great content, then I’m done!  Ya, can we say reality check?  I was faced by a scary, flaming asteroid of branding, marketing strategy, audience engagement, retention and growth…and ADMIN WORK GALORE that barreled at me at hyper speed as I frantically ran from it, action movie style (insert intense shrieking here).  I know that’s a super eye-roller of a description, but whatever, because you got the point.

Anyway, I’m sure that some of you reading this have been in the same boat and have started a passion project.  You find that it’s really hard.  You let it wither and crap out.  Then you make an excuse for it.  Well, I’m with ya’.  I’ve done this more times than I should admit with songs, bands, and day jobs.  So instead of giving up, getting in my ‘jammies, and choosing to binge on whatever is available on Netflix (which I’ve found isn’t much these days), I decided to apply some recent wisdom imparted on me by a savvy group of business people I know.  They said:

Entrepreneurial rule #1 :  Don’t Go It Alone.

Hrm.  “But I always do everything by mySELF!”, my Play-the-Martyr Self says.   Some time goes by.  I sulk.  I sleep.  I vent.  I distract myself with something else.  I go bowling.  (not really, but I could have).  I halfway convince myself that no one could ever possibly “get it” even if I do ask for help.

Then, my That’s Enough Bullsh*t Self jumps in and yells, “Not this time!  You can find the right person.  SEE THIS THROUGH.”

In a single phone call, my life coach both reminded me about my That’s Enough Bullsh*t Self AND referred me to someone who happened to be perfect.  And he helped me tremendously by solving my teetering-on-the-edge of dropping yet another baby problem.  A second call later, I hired the VA he referred to me. Of course, she ain’t cheap, but I’m now a happy girl focusing on the creative again, as this woman is officially going to prevent me from unraveling in total overwhelm and giving up completely.  And she’s a bad ass military kid, so I know she’ll hold me accountable.  And that I dig, my friends.

The message here is that I hope that all of you consider the power of teamwork, holding steadfast to your dreams and not thinking you are the only person who can do everything right.  And it’s ok to feel like you are overwhelmed or want to run away and drop the dream.  But don’t freak out.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Ask for help, actually allow the person to do the stuff you ask them to, maintain your own stamina for what you want to be focusing on, and produce something great!

Do it.  I’m rootin’ for ya.


Ladyfox Entertainment is underway!

Well, Happy 2016 Everyone!

I was a little lax on the blog entries in Q4, but I’m back.  I was kinda busy!  I launched my new company, Ladyfox Entertainment, LLC.  I can’t express my level of excitement about my new journey as a small business owner.  Check out my new logo (above), thanks to the ever-talented Vitor Bonates! (You may also notice that Vitor crafted my MAO and Lady Evil logos from earlier in 2015.  He’s also the artist behind the backdrop photo on my website landing page.  Needless to say, he’s an amazing talent to collaborate with!)

This year via Ladyfox Entertainment, I’ll be continuing to grow my voiceover business and music work, but I’m especially excited about launching my very own podcast this Spring.

As some of you may know, over the last 2 years, I’ve been interviewing guests (both professional and off-the-street) about dating, relationships, sex and health, all for an online marketing company called Altare.  I’ve been proud to handle all aspects of hosting and podcast audio production, and I gotta say, I love the job!  I’ve learned more than I ever imagined by interviewing people from all walks of life, and I’ve found my personal groove with this medium.  The content I produce for Altare is not available publicly, so I decided that I’m going to throw some content of my own out into the universe.  I want to share my passion for learning new things with as many people as I can. Specific details are to come on my new, edgy podcast series, which is slated for launch in March on iTunes.  I promise, you will be entertained and educated at the same time!  Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out and share your 2016 goals, hopes & dreams!

Much love, thanks for reading, and go get ’em!



How to get more ZZZZ’s


If I could, I’d sleep all day.  I absolutely loooove to sleep.  But I also have a lot of friends who struggle with falling asleep, not getting enough shut-eye, or waking up and not being able to fall back into dreamland.

Here are a few tips to bring the snooze back:

Keep a regular sleep/wake schedule

Don’t drink or eat caffeine four to six hours before bed and minimize daytime use

Don’t smoke, especially near bedtime or if you awake in the night

Avoid alcohol and heavy meals before sleep

Get regular exercise

Minimize noise, light and excessive hot and cold temperatures where you sleep

Develop a regular bed time and go to bed at the same time each night

Try and wake up without an alarm clock

Attempt to go to bed earlier every night for certain period.

Sweet dreams to all!  xoxo

Be What You Expect In Others

false accusation pointing finger  or getting fired accuse other picking person select volunteer guilty firing employee

Do your friends complain about the guys or girls they’re dating or about their other friends who are letting them down in some way? I have definitely heard it too, with comments like:

“He’s nice to me, but he’s a sloppy dresser and he doesn’t keep his house clean…”, or

“She’s hot as hell, but she really gets on my nerves because she’s immature and doesn’t know what she wants.”

So I have to ask, “Are the things that you want him/her to be or to have, the things that you are or possess as well?” If you’re not a put-together, successful, happy person who knows what you want, then don’t complain when you can’t be with a put-together, successful happy person who knows what they want, ya’ know?

I’m a mouthy broad from the Northeast, so complaining is in my DNA…I’m working on this too. 🙂


8 Reasons Why I Love Voiceover

Do you ever ask yourself why you do certain things?  I do.

When I woke up and did a meditation focusing on gratefulness this morning, I immediately thought of voiceover and how grateful I am for the role it plays in my life.

Here are the reasons why I love voiceover:
1. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

2. The people are really great in this part of the industry.  More genuine and real.

3. It requires real acting talent, not just a naturally great voice. There are, of course, exceptions to this, but in general, it requires actual talent, which most laypeople don’t know.  So, it keeps me working to be my best, and it reminds me that I’m living the work I love.

4. It allows me to utilize my music/singing background.  I can quickly understand the flow or “melody” of copy.  Thanks to the Universe for all my years performing music!  This is not to say that any musician or singer can easily do VO, but it certainly adds some “punch” in my case.

5. I have a tendency to get bored in jobs, and with VO, that’s not the case.  I am constantly challenged.  Every audition, every session, every workshop keeps me engaged and passionate about the craft.  As a fellow VO actor said at this morning’s audition, “I LOVE MY JOB!”.  Agreed, new friend.  Agreed.

6. I’ve always dug advertising and brand strategy and have had the fortune of working with some great copywriters, creative directors and producers.  This is a big cog in that wheel, at least for commercial VO, which is really my thing.

7. A 10-minute audition could possibly lead to the most financially-rewarding project of my life. There’s nothing wrong with getting amply rewarded for your talent if you put in your best effort at every audition and keep learning every day, MFA or not!

8. And as an offshoot of that, this amazing craft will put me in a position to help my family, in big ways.  My roots play a big role in what I draw upon, so they should get a piece of the pie.  And you know what? The joy it’ll bring me to see my sister smile, my niece be done with her student loans, etc…that will be the greatest gift I will ever receive.

Yeah, voiceover.  I’m grateful for you.

I hope this inspires you to focus on what you are grateful for and to make a list of reasons why.



How to Change Your Experience of Time

Oh, Happy Monday!  Today I finally carved out the time for a morning meditation, and it’s started me off on a really relaxed journey for the day.  I’m glad I did it, and it wasn’t that difficult to find an extra 15 minutes.  Why was it so hard previously?  Maybe because I thought I was completely controlled by time, fighting it every minute, and never having enough of it to do all the things I wanted to do in a day.

Over the past few months, I’ve pulled back this struggle with time.  I realized I was missing out on special moments, so I knew there had to be a shift at some level.  Don’t get me wrong–I know that I still have to maintain a fairly tight work schedule and stay on top of my responsibilities, but learning to say ‘no’ to things I can’t take on, carving out more time for sleep and for spending time with people I care about, and letting go of the need to accomplish 50 things simultaneously (at least for a few hours) has made a big difference in my daily routine.

Do you find that you struggle with time too?

Check out this article for tips on how to change your experience:

Have a great week!



10 Ways Men Push Women Away…

I host dating podcasts (soon to be on iTunes and can’t wait!), so I think about relationships a lot.  And this article on YourTango totally caught my attention and is timely in terms of what my gal friends and I have been recently chatting about, so I wanted to share it with all of you as well, and hopefully spark some thinking on the topic.

I think there are many reasons why a woman may lose interest in a man or be very hesitant to get involved with him.  Sometimes it’s a lack of physical chemistry and she can’t help but to see you as a friend.  Sometimes it’s because you thought it would be attractive to send her penis pics after 2 dates.  But the big one for me is if she’s not feeling safe with you.  As James Michael Sama writes,  “She needs to know she can count on you, that you will be there, and that you are the real deal.” Hooray, James!  Yes, indeed!  ‘Tis true that a good woman is not going to automatically let a guy move in to have a relationship with her television and couch instead of her, or allow him to show up only when he is in a mood for sex or some chill company.

Good gawd, I love discovering when a man is the real deal, a seeming rarity in the big city of L.A.  It goes without saying, once a woman knows she can count on a guy and feels safe with him, all kinds of good things will happen for that man.  He’ll finally get that chillaxing company and the laid back woman he can mess with, because he took time to prove to her that she can be safe and let herself go with him.  So guys, don’t be afraid to put some effort in, beyond bringing over a bottle of wine and some chocolates.  And it really is ok to get to know her beyond her looks!  Yes I know, it takes time and effort and doesn’t happen magically overnight (boo!!), but if you really care about the woman, it will be well worth it.  I promise. 🙂

With no further adieu, here is the article that prompted my sharing.  Feel free to send me your thoughts, comments, etc.  Oh, one more thing:  if you’ve got a great story that you’d like to share about your relationship, contact me to get on the podcast!!

James Michael Sama’s 10 Ways Men Push Women Away:

My Dining Experiences Will Never Be the Same!

After reading this article about food superstitions, I am officially (slightly) screwed when dining…and so is anyone who is along with me for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because I’m tooootally into this kind of stuff.  Well, some of it at least.

Check out this interesting, and frankly, sometimes completely wacky list of food superstitions from Bon Appetit:

21 Food Superstitions You Should Really Know About

Hilarious, right?  By the way, I knew about the knife thing i.e. not to give a knife as a gift, ever, unless you make the person receiving it give you a penny as a symbol of “payment”, which apparently dispels the bad energy that the knife brings.  Phew, a solution!  I like that.  So just be careful when your friends put a knife block on their wedding registry, ok?

And as far as the crushing of eggshells in order to prevent witches from starting storms at sea…?  Uh, I think I’ll be ok on that one.  I live in the valley.

Don’t cut your bananas, people.