April 10, 2015 Michelle

6 Most Dangerous Words & Phrases

This Huff Post article by Karen Ann Kennedy is a must-read!  It’s brief but effective, and it lists the words & phrases you should immediately remove from your daily language, such as “Whatever”, “It’s fine”, and “It is what it is”.  Karen explains why this is important for shifting away from an attitude of apathy toward one of engagement and happiness.

Recently, I found myself saying “It is what it is”- a lot – and as Karen explains, that phrase can be seen as merely a copout or lazy reaction to problems we are faced with.  Once I dealt with that particular issue, rather than letting it just be what it was, wouldn’t you know it, I felt relieved, free, and yes–happy.

I hope you make a positive, active decision to stop saying negative words & phrases, like I’m working on every day.  You’ll be surprised how it creates a nice shift in your daily dealings!   🙂