Be What You Expect In Others

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Do your friends complain about the guys or girls they’re dating or about their other friends who are letting them down in some way? I have definitely heard it too, with comments like:

“He’s nice to me, but he’s a sloppy dresser and he doesn’t keep his house clean…”, or

“She’s hot as hell, but she really gets on my nerves because she’s immature and doesn’t know what she wants.”

So I have to ask, “Are the things that you want him/her to be or to have, the things that you are or possess as well?” If you’re not a put-together, successful, happy person who knows what you want, then don’t complain when you can’t be with a put-together, successful happy person who knows what they want, ya’ know?

I’m a mouthy broad from the Northeast, so complaining is in my DNA…I’m working on this too. 🙂