8 Reasons Why I Love Voiceover

Do you ever ask yourself why you do certain things?  I do.

When I woke up and did a meditation focusing on gratefulness this morning, I immediately thought of voiceover and how grateful I am for the role it plays in my life.

Here are the reasons why I love voiceover:
1. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

2. The people are really great in this part of the industry.  More genuine and real.

3. It requires real acting talent, not just a naturally great voice. There are, of course, exceptions to this, but in general, it requires actual talent, which most laypeople don’t know.  So, it keeps me working to be my best, and it reminds me that I’m living the work I love.

4. It allows me to utilize my music/singing background.  I can quickly understand the flow or “melody” of copy.  Thanks to the Universe for all my years performing music!  This is not to say that any musician or singer can easily do VO, but it certainly adds some “punch” in my case.

5. I have a tendency to get bored in jobs, and with VO, that’s not the case.  I am constantly challenged.  Every audition, every session, every workshop keeps me engaged and passionate about the craft.  As a fellow VO actor said at this morning’s audition, “I LOVE MY JOB!”.  Agreed, new friend.  Agreed.

6. I’ve always dug advertising and brand strategy and have had the fortune of working with some great copywriters, creative directors and producers.  This is a big cog in that wheel, at least for commercial VO, which is really my thing.

7. A 10-minute audition could possibly lead to the most financially-rewarding project of my life. There’s nothing wrong with getting amply rewarded for your talent if you put in your best effort at every audition and keep learning every day, MFA or not!

8. And as an offshoot of that, this amazing craft will put me in a position to help my family, in big ways.  My roots play a big role in what I draw upon, so they should get a piece of the pie.  And you know what? The joy it’ll bring me to see my sister smile, my niece be done with her student loans, etc…that will be the greatest gift I will ever receive.

Yeah, voiceover.  I’m grateful for you.

I hope this inspires you to focus on what you are grateful for and to make a list of reasons why.