I Dig Talismans.

I’ve always been into energy, and I believe that some people are more sensitive to it than others.  I happen to be one of these “highly sensitive persons” as they call it, so I have to be careful how close I get to certain people.  A hug from the wrong person can throw me off-kilter for days.  And too much intense energy from someone, even if welcomed, can do the same.  I once tried studying massage therapy, but I couldn’t shake off clients’ stress that I had soaked up through my hands.  So much for that.

Nowadays, I have many different ways of staying grounded, balanced and protected, and I wanted to share one that is specific to warding off the “evil eye”.  As I’m sure you know, people can be very envious or nasty and might wish bad things for you.  Sometimes people stare or glare, without realizing that they’re throwing negative feelings at you at all, when they actually are.

So, whether they mean it or not, make it an excuse to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry!!  Although you can get necklaces, bracelets & earrings, I always get tons of compliments on my evil eye ring.  Is the life-like eye a little creepy?  Hm, maybe.  But a ring a day seems to keep the a-holes away.

For more info on the history of this talisman:


For more info on HSP’s:



#TBF…when I sang a tv show theme song

Back in 2003, my ex and I were asked to create an “island-y” version of the Eddie Money tune “Two Tickets To Paradise” for a show to be aired on FOX called “Paradise Hotel”.  He fired up the track, I jumped in and switched up the melody of the song, the producers chimed in with a few tweaks here and there on tempo and instrumentation, and soon the theme was born–and they actually used it!  I remember the first time watching the show and hearing the theme play through our old television.  It was surreal!  Good times.

If you weren’t blessed to see this wild, sexy, typical-reality-show competition when it aired, here’s what it was all about:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Hotel

And here’s the theme song for your pleasure! Happy weekend, All!


6 Most Dangerous Words & Phrases

This Huff Post article by Karen Ann Kennedy is a must-read!  It’s brief but effective, and it lists the words & phrases you should immediately remove from your daily language, such as “Whatever”, “It’s fine”, and “It is what it is”.  Karen explains why this is important for shifting away from an attitude of apathy toward one of engagement and happiness.

Recently, I found myself saying “It is what it is”- a lot – and as Karen explains, that phrase can be seen as merely a copout or lazy reaction to problems we are faced with.  Once I dealt with that particular issue, rather than letting it just be what it was, wouldn’t you know it, I felt relieved, free, and yes–happy.

I hope you make a positive, active decision to stop saying negative words & phrases, like I’m working on every day.  You’ll be surprised how it creates a nice shift in your daily dealings!   🙂


It’s #TBT!

Glenn Hughes & Me

This shot of me with Glenn Hughes is one of my fav’ photos from my rockstar meet & greets over the years.  It was taken right after I watched him perform “Smoke On the Water”.  I was completely mind-blown and I went right up to him, screaming “Oh my God, you are AMAZING!!”  He laughed, and although he probably thought I was slightly insane with my level of excitement, he was super gracious and complimented me in turn.  He said in his British accent, “Yahr a f*ckang good seengah!”  I’ll never forget hearing that.  Throwback and a half!  Boom.