Lady Evil

Lady Evil – tribute to Ronnie James Dio.

So…I happen to be the frontwoman for this new band called Lady Evil, and it is actively in production!

We have a new fantastic drummer and we’ve been rehearsing the set, which includes music from Rainbow, Black Sabbath-The Dio Years, and Dio. We’re doing the greatest tunes that real Dio fans will love!

Next, we’ll be curating video content, creating a light show and gathering some schnazzy TBA bells & whistles to add to our experience. Then it’s onto booking! Shows will be announced later this summer. I can’t wait to rock the stage with my friends Mark, Scott & Doug!

Dating & Relationship Podcasts

Hey peeps, so did you know I do regular podcasts about dating & relationships? Well, I’m always seeking podcast guests with amazing opinions and great stories! As a matter of fact, I had Brad Crowell from on recently, and he shared his amazing personal story that led to a successful relationship with his gorgeous GF Leslie! Such a great and inspiring way that struggle and loss can lead to love!

If you have experiences with dating you’d like to share (good OR bad!), I want to know about it! Contact me for details on how to get on the show.

Welcome to my new website!

2015 is awesome so far!

First of all, I’m excited to report that I’ve signed with AVO Talent for voiceover representation. I’m really looking forward to a great year ahead with Peter & Rebecca. Psyched out of my noggin! Let’s do this!

I also updated this website. The fabulousness comes courtesy of the talented boys at StripedRhino, Brad & Mike. Uh, these guys are SO rad for helping me re-emerge from the depths of complacency and getting my marketing plan back in gear. Thank you for your hard work and for putting up with me on our conference calls!

Oh, and I want to send a big thanks for the super awesome support I have received from amazing composer and glad-to-call-my-friend Armen at Future World Music, sweet Gabi at One World Language Solutions, energetic Caitlin at Next Day Animations and my east coast friend and colleague Tad at Altare.

Equally important shouts out to Mike Raffety at Aplus Voiceovers for working with me on adding new work to my commerical reel. We had a damn blast and laughed our arses off during the session!

With no further adieu, I’m ready to climb aboard the rocketship. Welcome aboard. I can’t wait to share all the latest & greatest with those who care about riding along!